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August 26th 2015

Congress Now
AD8-4329 Hearing

AD8-4329 Hearing, Day 33


2945-08-25 SET

Session AutoScript

Proofed and Admitted – Archivist Yates (#57573BDF)

2945-08-25_18:13 – Transcript Begins

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Everyone, please. Let’s start migrating back to our seats so we can continue. Once everyone is settled, then we will initiate a call.

< pause >

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): As we have a quorum, we are now able to continue the discussion of Senator Polo’s proposed bill AD8-4329. Senator Polo, you have the floor.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Thank you, Speaker. Admiral Colla, was our recess sufficient time?

ADMIRAL RENA COLLA: I’m sorry, Senator. It seems that Lieutenant Torvashi is still out of comm range, so I don’t believe he’ll be able to present his budgetary analysis.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): A reminder. His absence is a violation of a Senatorial subpoena.

ADMIRAL RENA COLLA: I understand, sir, and I apologize for the delay.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Yes, I’m sure. We should move on then. I would like to call Colonel Arthur Linus to address specific line items in the Army budget and share potential cuts to their current spending allotment.

< pause >

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Colonel Linus?

< pause >

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Colonel Linus. Please step forward and be heard.

< pause >

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Speaker …

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Who is the representative for Legatus Cobol? Identify yourself.

CAPTAIN ELI HESCARA: Here, sir. Captain Eli Hescara, sir.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Captain Hescara, your office was ordered by the Imperator and Senate to provide testimony to these hearings.

CAPTAIN ELI HESCARA: My apologies, sir. I was assured that the colonel was in the building.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): A word, Captain.

< break >

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Senator Polo, is there another witness you would like to call while we sort this out?

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): With all due respect, Speaker, I’m not sure there’s much of a point. I’m positive that every person on my list is mysteriously indisposed for one reason or another. The sad thing is that these sessions were meant to be an opportunity to invite the members of High Command to discuss possible solutions that would prevent this bill from needing to pass. To begin a dialogue that would help divert the Empire from this crash course of financial ruin. This bill was conceived to be a last resort, a means to enforce the same budgetary considerations on the military that the rest of the Empire has been shouldering all this time. I had hoped the introduction of it would incite High Command to action, but it seems they believe that this bill will disappear if simply ignored long enough. Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, the past two weeks have been an illuminating education for me. I have learned exactly how mired in bureaucracy our government has become. We have had military personnel mysteriously vanish, corporate interests weaving their way into the proceedings thanks to their campaign donations to certain senators, lobbyists attempting to coerce independent account managers to skew their clients’ numbers. All of this leads me to conclude one thing …

< pause >

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): I am hereby withdrawing Bill AD8-4329 from Senate consideration.

< indistinct chatter >

SENATOR TARYN GLASI (C-Vosca-Elysium Sys): I’m glad you finally realized the danger this bill would have put us in, Senator.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): And it baffles me that you are so blind to the fact that we’re headed towards economic collapse.

SENATOR TARYN GLASI (C-Vosca-Elysium Sys): I’m not blind, Senator Polo. I just know what it’s like to live on the border with a species that’s desperate to kill you, so forgive me if I’m not wildly enthusiastic at cutting down on the number of ships that are keeping them at bay.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): You’re right. I don’t know about living under that cloud of fear … but you also misunderstand me, Senator. I’m only withdrawing it from the Senate. I’m leaving it to the people of the UEE to decide. Speaker, I am hereby motioning to cease these hearing to reissue AD8-4329 as an initiative for the Citizens of the Empire.

SENATOR TARYN GLASI (C-Vosca-Elysium Sys): But …

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): I started gathering necessary endorsements a week ago when I came to realize that these sessions were being undermined by corporate interests. Interesting fact, Senator – the bill polled quite well in Elysium. Based on today’s farce, I’m sure that the Speaker will concur that the Senate’s perspective on this issue has been compromised to a point I believe we are in a state of Legislative Inaction.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): This issue is of vital importance to the future of the Empire and I do not feel that it is being treated as such. The Chair hereby acknowledges your motion of Legislative Inaction.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Thank you, Speaker.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): The Archivist will need to verify the required number of endorsements before we can proceed.

SENATOR KYLE POLO (U-Angeli-Croshaw Sys): Understood.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Then I will review your proposal and recommend the formation of a subcommittee to organize a public vote. In light of this, I hereby accept Senator Polo’s move to close this hearing. The session is ended.


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