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June 24th 2015


Lost & Found


2945-06-23_16:18 SET
To: SSA Victor Fehr
CC: ASAC Adina Pastor
From: SA Salim Dominic
CaseFile#cd-35428v & Preliminary Interview Transcript

Incident Report:

At 22:12 on 2945.6.22SET, Aurel Clark (PersonalFile# HW5_27644_984) contacted authorities regarding shots being fired in space near Odyssa. I responded to the call to find several ship parts and an escape pod drifting in the area. I scanned the escape pod to discover a life form inside and proceeded to execute a rescue operation. Later, I discovered that a young boy was inside the escape pod.

Once back at HQ, the boy proved distrustful of Advocacy personnel, but I was able to coax him into revealing that he had been ejected from his mother’s ship during the battle. Currently, this interview contains all the info we have on either of them. I have run biometric and DNA test results through the database, but can’t find any record of the boy. As far as I can tell, until I picked him up, the UEE didn’t know the kid existed.

I’m checking the tags on every ship that landed at the Odyssa LZ over the past two days. If we’re lucky, we might find something there. Finally, I’m chasing down a possible lead that came from my conversation with the boy. It’s a long shot, but it’s all we have right now.

Please review the attached interview with the boy and advise immediately. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do with him.


Salim Dominic
Special Agent
Advocacy – Magnus System


Salim Dominic: My name is Special Agent Salim Dominic and it is approximately 09:57 on June 23rd, 2945 SET. This is an interview with … could you tell me your name again, buddy?

[inaudible response]

Salim Dominic: You’re going to have to speak louder for me. I’m a lot older than you so my hearing isn’t so good.

Child: … Dekker.

Salim Dominic: Do you have a last name?

Dekker: Mom says the name Dekker is special enough and I don’t need one.

Salim Dominic: I see. So can you tell me whose ship you were flying on?

Dekker: … My mom’s.

Salim Dominic: Does anybody ever call your mom something other than … Mom?

Dekker: … Lulu.

Salim Dominic: No last name?

Dekker: Not anymore. She got rid of hers because she didn’t like it.

Salim Dominic: She ever tell you what her old one was?

Dekker: No, she said it was a secret.

Salim Dominic: How old are you, Dekker?

Dekker: Six.

Salim Dominic: Do you know why you’re here right now?

Dekker: ’Cause Mom said it was safety time. But that this time it was for real because a ship was shooting at us.

Salim Dominic: What’s “safety time,” Dekker?

Dekker: It’s where I run to the escape pod as fast as I can, and close the door then strap myself in real good. But I only hit the button if Mom tells me, and this time she did.

Salim Dominic: Do you know why that other ship was shooting at you?


Salim Dominic: It’s ok, Dekker. You’re not in danger any more. Has anything like that happened before?

Dekker: No.

Salim Dominic: Do you know what changed? Has your mom been acting a little strange lately?

Dekker: I don’t know … she wouldn’t let me see the thing she found, and she always shows me what she finds. She’s the best at finding things.

Salim Dominic: That’s good, Dekker. See, you’re helping me already. Do you know where your mom found this thing?

Dekker: Cathcart.

Salim Dominic: What were you guys doing there?

Dekker: Junkin’.

Salim Dominic: You and your mom do that a lot?

Dekker: It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole ’verse. People just leave stuff floating there and if you find something good you get to keep it. There’s lots of old ships that have parts you can use to fix your ship. Or sometimes Mom finds things for me to play with. She has me take ’em apart and see how they work. Then she tests me to see how fast I can put it back together. I want to live in Cathcart so we could junk all the time, but Mom says it’s too dangerous.

Salim Dominic: You know what? There might actually be a few things around the office that you can take apart, but first we need to figure out where your mom went. Can you tell me anything else about what your mom found in Cathcart? Anything you can think of … like do you know what she called it? Or maybe what color it was? Or how about whether it was big or small?

Dekker: It was small, ’cause she put it in a bag to show her old friend.

Salim Dominic: Do you know the name of that old friend?

Dekker: No …

Salim Dominic: That’s ok. Any idea where your mom met that friend?

Dekker: Odyssa.

Salim Dominic: Here? Do you remember when you landed? Was it yesterday? Two days ago? A week ago?

Dekker: Yesterday, I think. I don’t know. She had me go to my hiding place when we landed.

Salim Dominic: She didn’t take you with her?

Dekker: Mom never lets me go on city adventures with her.

Salim Dominic: Did your mom say anything else to you after she got back to the ship? Anything about what just happened? About where she went?

Dekker: Just that I shouldn’t worry because, no matter what, she’d come find me. Do you know when she’s going to get here?

Salim Dominic: I …


Salim Dominic: Hey, you know what I forgot to ask you about? Does your mom ever talk about any other friends besides the one she met today?

Dekker: Not really … sometimes she talks about one of her old friends but I don’t think she likes her very much.

Salim Dominic: Do you remember that friend’s name?

Dekker: Cindy.

Salim Dominic: Does Cindy have a last name?

Dekker: Kit.

Salim Dominic: Cindy … Kit? Are you sure that’s right? Syndicate?

Dekker: Yeah, that’s her.

Salim Dominic: You’ve been a real big help, Dekker. How about I go find something for you to take apart?

Dekker: Ok.

Salim Dominic: I’ll be right back.


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