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January 8th 2014

Terra Gazette: DTN Unveils New System

News Update: Terra Gazette


By Mark Bastfield

The known universe is expanding, it seems. The Department of Transportation & Navigation and representatives of the Pathfinders Corps held a joint conference to unveil the discovery of a new system, putting an end to weeks of speculation.

“We are proud to report that a new system, hereby named Tamsa, has indeed been discovered off of Banshee,” Gabriel Tiego of the DTN announced. “Members of the Pathfinders Corps are performing a routine system assessment before updating the public database with the NavData.”

Standard protocol for new systems requires that the planets be thoroughly tested for existing or developing life, that geological testing for dangerous elements, and that it be charted to see if any space-faring civilizations have already laid claim to the planets or systems. Therefore, it’s unlikely that any civilians or Citizens will be able to explore the new system themselves for some time.

Tiego then introduced Cothi Bat-Thel-Ma, an explorer from the Banu Protectorate, who filed the claim.

“Very pleased for me to provide space for Human friends,” Cothi said. “I hope it will fascinate and provide for you as Human culture has done to me.”

Some of the media present seemed surprised at the prospect of a Banu giving a system to a civilization outside of his own, but, to Cothi, his reasons were simple. The system was named after fringe visual artist Tamsa Wheel, of whom Cothi considers himself quite a fan.

“Beautiful. Beautiful. She find beautiful nexus of precision and chaos. It is mathematical poetry. Have you seen?” Cothi went on to explain several of Tamsa’s installations to a reporter who was not familiar with her work.

Another reporter asked if Cothi would use his newfound celebrity to meet the artist.

“I would have nothing to say. I just appreciate.”

Tiego reclaimed the podium and explained what people could expect from the new addition to the Empire. He confirmed that the system is indeed home to a black hole as well as two planets.

“Initial analysis indicates that the two planets don’t seem capable of sustaining life and make poor, if not impossible, terraforming candidates. While it is too early to know if there will be any mining opportunities, we are hopeful that Tamsa will provide a vast well of knowledge to the scientific community in the study of one of astronomy’s last uncharted mysteries: black holes.”

Tiego opened the floor for questions. Most were perfunctory questions for smaller circle publications. I found that the largest question was yet to be asked, so I asked it.

“Is there a possibility the UEE won’t claim Tamsa? It seems that the Empire is having enough difficulty attempting to maintain the systems we already have.”

“It’s possible. As you know, part of the assessment process is to decide whether to claim the system or not. However, that discussion includes factors outside of the obvious, like habitability or resources, so I’m afraid that’s a decision left for the Imperator, Senate and military,” Tiego replied. “We simply collate our observations in the most objective way possible and let the higher-ups make the big calls.”

Tiego went on to provide the proper contact channel for the scientific community to solicit information about Tamsa and then contradicted early speculation:

“Before we conclude, I wanted to take a moment to address these rumors that the Tamsa’s two planets are being drawn toward the black hole. This is false, originating from data incorrectly entered on the initial 57392_DTC submission form.”

“My scans need update,” Cothi chimed in.

With the payout from submitting a new system to the UEE, Cothi should be able to afford them.


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